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We are now installing P.G. Bleazey's Centa Update and his Bevel Box Mount.  Call me for details.

Oil tank information is available on my catalog page and tech gallery. 

oil tank.JPG

Any of my customers who have the engine oil cooler system, the new oil vent system is working.

Please contact me for details!

Do you have a fuel pressure or leak problem?  I have a fix!  My new Fuel System Upgrade kit will solve your issues.  A real fuel filter that can be taken apart to change the element, and located in the pressure side (after the pump and before the injectors) where it should be!  A/N#6 Fuel lines and fittings that don't leak, and  a real fuel regulator and pressure gauge.  The regulator is adjustable so you can fine tune for 58 pounds.  Four of these kits already installed, and tested for hundreds of miles (including my own Morgan).  I am thrilled with it as are my 3 first customers.  Call me for more information, I'd be happy to discuss in detail. Check the catalog page for pictures.

Cam Chest - Oil Tank Vent Kit

This kit vents the oil tank and cam chest to the atmosphere, and the engine crankcase vent will have no back pressure to force oil into the cam chest.

Air Cleaner Support Kit for KURYAKYN

Developed specifically for this particular air filter.


Both new items can be viewed in the catalog section.

Bevel Box Vent Kit allows you to more than double your bevel box oil capacity.  The stock bevel box holds 10 ounces of oil, the kit increases oil capacity to 28 ounces, and also operates as a remote fill.  Access to vent fill hose will be up by the fuel fill under the trunk tray, easy install !!

This kit will save your bevel box!!


If you have one of my Bevel Box Coolers I have changed the timing circuit for more efficient cooling.  Contact me and I will exchange your old timer for a new one. (Latest test temperature leaving box 158 degrees on average.  

Now Available, Keyed Circuit for the Bevel Box Cooling System and Temperature Gauge.  This item is free of charge to my customers who have purchased these from me.  Email me for details!!

Update on our bevel box oil cooler system. As you know I use my own Morgan as a test vehicle. I recently added a temp gauge to monitor the bevel box oil AFTER the cooler, it showed oil temp on its' way back to the bevel box. Now I have a temp sender in the oil line leading to the bevel box oil cooler, so I can see how hot the oil is BEFORE it is cooled.

Here are the results:


Now remember, with my cooler system, you go from 10 oz of oil to 32 oz, that's 3x the oil than stock. Went out on two different rides, total of 400 miles.


Oil leaving the bevel box was 145 to 160 degrees, and after the cooler, it was 25-30 degrees cooler on its' way back to the bevel box.


This was in the timer mode: I also did a filter check and oil change and found no particulates in the filter. I let the oil settle in a clear beaker with a tapered bottom, to see how the oil looked after 3,000 miles. After letting the oil set a day, it looked good enough to reuse, all but two ounces at the very bottom. I believe you could easily go 6,000 miles before needing to change the oil.