The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a fantastic car, and little by little I have designed accessories that make it run smoother, go faster, or look even more beautiful. Customizing your Morgan gives it your own personal flair, whether it is decorative or functional.  Being a welder and metal fabricator, I can design accessories that make your Morgan unique and reflect your personal taste. With every kit you will receive all custom mounting hardware, detailed instructions, and my phone number for any questions you might have. Go to my Ordering Page and tell me what you have in mind.  ~ Emil


"I acquired a 2013 3 Wheeler with all the upgrades and very low mileage. Here in the Rockies high desert we have hot days and mountains to climb so wanted to make sure the engine was not straining too much with high running temperatures. I am not a mechanic or have any engineering background other than owning 3 Morgans and not being near a dealer, etc..


On contacting Emil we had a detailed conversation about the benefits of the Oil Cooler and Bevel Box Cooler kits, he is very patient with the uninitiated and explains things in a way I could understand. Emil also responds quickly to emails/phone calls and communicates every step of the ordering process. I purchased the Oil Cooler, Bevel Box Cooler, Fan Manager, Drain kit and for cosmetic reasons the Exhaust wrap. Within a week the box arrived very well packaged with all the parts clearly labeled, easy to identify so no confusion as to what went with what. The instructions are well written and explain all the steps very clearly, as Emil says read them all first then it becomes clear as to where to start and what tools will be required (so you can get any in advance). Installation was straight forward by following the written instructions and using the photographs on the web site. You can call Emil at any time to help you through the process but I didn't need to do that, the quality of the products is outstanding and everything fitted exactly no fabrication needed. Not only am I delighted in the order process, product, installation and after service but the price is very reasonable for the quality of product and instructions. The 3 Wheeler definitely runs better, less noise and pulls with gusto up the steep mountains, I consider this a must upgrade."


If anyone wants to talk to to me directly about the products, installation and results, etc. just let me know; happy to do it.


Thanks again for all your help and direction looking forward to talking with you in the future.


Bruce Marshall

One of my first customers, Michael P. talks about his experience...

I was a U.S Air Force mechanic for over 22 years, restored old cars and motorcycles my whole life so when someone makes a claim about a component that improves performance I am always skeptical. I own a 2012 Morgan 3 that I purchased second hand. I have made several upgrades to the engine to include bigger cams, larger throttle body, "race" ECU, Roller rockers, and cylinder head work. But with all of that work done nothing made more of a difference in the way my Morgan runs than Emil's oil cooler system. The oil in my Morgan would always run well over 200 degrees and when it got hot the engine got loud. It was like trying to lubricate the valve train with water. With his oil cooler system the oil stays at a constant 150 degrees regardless of the outside temp. The power difference in the engine is easy to feel, there is no drop off from the engine getting too hot anymore. Plus the life of the engine has to be greatly increased because of the MUCH COOLER temps that it now runs. If I could only make one upgrade to to my Morgan this would be it HANDS DOWN. It should be at the top of every Morgan 3 owners list of upgrades.

Thanks Emil, you really came up with a great system for these cars.


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