The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a fantastic car, and little by little I have designed accessories that make it run smoother, go faster, or look even more beautiful. Customizing your Morgan gives it your own personal flair, whether it is decorative or functional.  Being a welder and metal fabricator, I can design accessories that make your Morgan unique and reflect your personal taste. With every kit you will receive all custom mounting hardware, detailed instructions, and my phone number for any questions you might have. Go to my Ordering Page and tell me what you have in mind.  ~ Emil


"I acquired a 2013 3 Wheeler with all the upgrades and very low mileage. Here in the Rockies high desert we have hot days and mountains to climb so wanted to make sure the engine was not straining too much with high running temperatures. I am not a mechanic or have any engineering background other than owning 3 Morgans and not being near a dealer, etc..


On contacting Emil we had a detailed conversation about the benefits of the Oil Cooler and Bevel Box Cooler kits, he is very patient with the uninitiated and explains things in a way I could understand. Emil also responds quickly to emails/phone calls and communicates every step of the ordering process. I purchased the Oil Cooler, Bevel Box Cooler, Fan Manager, Drain kit and for cosmetic reasons the Exhaust wrap. Within a week the box arrived very well packaged with all the parts clearly labeled, easy to identify so no confusion as to what went with what. The instructions are well written and explain all the steps very clearly, as Emil says read them all first then it becomes clear as to where to start and what tools will be required (so you can get any in advance). Installation was straight forward by following the written instructions and using the photographs on the web site. You can call Emil at any time to help you through the process but I didn't need to do that, the quality of the products is outstanding and everything fitted exactly no fabrication needed. Not only am I delighted in the order process, product, installation and after service but the price is very reasonable for the quality of product and instructions. The 3 Wheeler definitely runs better, less noise and pulls with gusto up the steep mountains, I consider this a must upgrade."


If anyone wants to talk to to me directly about the products, installation and results, etc. just let me know; happy to do it.


Thanks again for all your help and direction looking forward to talking with you in the future.


Bruce Marshall

One of my first customers, Michael P. talks about his experience...

I was a U.S Air Force mechanic for over 22 years, restored old cars and motorcycles my whole life so when someone makes a claim about a component that improves performance I am always skeptical. I own a 2012 Morgan 3 that I purchased second hand. I have made several upgrades to the engine to include bigger cams, larger throttle body, "race" ECU, Roller rockers, and cylinder head work. But with all of that work done nothing made more of a difference in the way my Morgan runs than Emil's oil cooler system. The oil in my Morgan would always run well over 200 degrees and when it got hot the engine got loud. It was like trying to lubricate the valve train with water. With his oil cooler system the oil stays at a constant 150 degrees regardless of the outside temp. The power difference in the engine is easy to feel, there is no drop off from the engine getting too hot anymore. Plus the life of the engine has to be greatly increased because of the MUCH COOLER temps that it now runs. If I could only make one upgrade to to my Morgan this would be it HANDS DOWN. It should be at the top of every Morgan 3 owners list of upgrades.

Thanks Emil, you really came up with a great system for these cars.


Emil, greetings again from Farmington, CT!


This is an overdue letter of appreciation for the outstanding product innovation, engineering, material quality and especially the unparalleled customer service that you provide.   From installation of my oil cooler, to the auxiliary fan switch, driving light mounts, steering column cover and custom switches, you’ve helped to transform my Morgan Three Wheeler into rolling art.  Your enthusiasm is infectious. In the process, you’ve raised the bar for every other aftermarket provider of Morgan kit.


I thoroughly enjoyed my M3W after the above additions. It spent the summer in Newport, RI tearing up every road I could with it’s new Ohlins. Hope you are enjoying yours!  Time now for a fluids change and to contemplate what to improve next! 


Warm regards,

Michael S.

Thank you again for all of your work putting great Morgan products out and helping me to get my Morgan in tip top shape.  After my recent trip to your shop and seeing the craftsmanship and care you put into designing your products firsthand, I wanted to provide you and your potential customers feedback on your products and your superb level of service that have really transformed my 2017 Morgan 3-wheeler and in many cases in my opinion the way it should have come from the factory.


I was taking a tally of your products on my Morgan and it includes your oil cooler, oil drain, oil temperature gauge (mounted on the driver’s side), wrap for the header pipes, steering boot and custom fitted and upgraded fuel lines.  Candidly, I immensely enjoy my Morgan so anything that makes it run a bit better and/or more reliable is high on my list. The products I bought from you do exactly what you say they do and I have had no issues installing them.


Your oil cooler keeps my Morgan running at a much better temperature and provides a lot of peace of mind for those infrequent but concerning days where we get stuck in traffic on an extremely hot summer day and watching the oil temperature gauge stay steady and seeing that the Morgan never gets above 200 degrees is great piece of mind.  The oil cooler is so well thought out and the detail you put into your design including utilizing the shroud to improve airflow and even designing the backside of the shroud to enhance airflow is a nice touch.  


While I really appreciate your oil cooler, I have to say your fuel line redo effort just makes so much sense and candidly this is exactly the way the Morgan should have been plumbed from the factory as it corrects a lot of shortcomings in the factory set up.  Your replumb effort improves the set up by actually putting the fuel filter before the injectors to make sure garbage does not clog your injectors, a real regulator with a gauge versus using a mass produced fuel filter to regulate your fuel pressure so you can dial your fuel pressure in perfectly, dual feed lines to the injector block vs feeding one injector and then the second injector in a serial manner and very high quality hoses and connector so no worries of delaminating hoses or leaking connections.  It is amazing how many Morgan 3 wheelers have suffered from leaky fuel lines that have ruined their windscreens.  


While your products are top notch and have clearly been thought out and designed with highest quality material, it is also great that I get to buy these items from a great guy who always has time for a call to help sort out a problem that has nothing to do with your products or just catch up as you are a wealth of information.  


Also, even though my catch can was not a product made by you I was surprised that you took the time to help me make my set-up work better machining out my oil cap and threading an outlet into the cap.  I almost forgot as well, after I ordered your oil temperature gauge I decided I much preferred to have the gauge mounted on the driver’s side so I called to see if I could buy a different mount and a 30 second phone call and a couple days later a new bracket showed up at my house free of charge.  Clearly you went above and beyond!


For those of you that live close enough to go visit Morgan Customs it is worth a trip.  If not, the products are easy to install. 


Looking forward to seeing your next Morgan improvement effort.  Here is a vote for a rear disc brake conversion to lose some weight on the rear.


All the best,



I just wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the modifications you are providing for my 2019 Morgan Three Wheeler.  They really work and work well.

The engine oil cooler keeps the motor oil no higher than 183f and that is outstanding.  And when I was trying to figure out how the condensate in the oil could be reduced your oil tank and cam chest oil separator works.  It occurred to me that if the oil heated more quickly that the amount of condensate in the oil would be reduced so with the oil cooler in place I monitored the oil temps and found that 4 quarts of oil and your separator took oil the condensate and warmed the oil more rapidly but never allowed the oil temp to exceed 183f. Good job designing the system.

When I was trying to stop an oil leak from the front crank pinion seal I had to pull off the cam chest plate to get to the inside to replace the seal.  While I was in there with it dismantled that far I decided to install the 569 cams and roller rockers. Your advice really help me and reassured me while I followed the S&S instruction instructions.  You had some tips and tricks to do things that only years of experience could provide.  After installing the cams I installed the fuel system regulator and distribution system.  Before I put the system in the spark plugs would never read the same.  One would always read richer than the other and that could only be from not receiving fuel equally.  Now they read equally and the car starts and runs better.  Better throttle response and the new cams like it too.  Thank you so much, you additions to the M3W are well thought out.

In light of that I decided to install the Bevel Box cooling system.  If you have ever monitored the oil temperature in that box you know that the temperatures keep climbing.  After installing your system the temperature  has stopped rising.  Thanks again!

Listening to your engine knowledge has taught me new things and learning is always a good thing.  Thanks Emil.

Best Wishes,
Stephen S
Port Orchard